Creative Design for a sustainable future

Our Mission

To create and transform businesses that aim to create positive social and environmental impact. Harnessing creativity and design to enrich, enlighten and change lives.

About Humantico

Humantico is a full-service creative design agency in Kent. They design and build brands, develop websites and create beautiful photography and film, collaborating with businesses that work collectively for the good of humanity and nature.

It was founded by two digital creatives, Samuel Austin and Owen Fisher. It was formulated through a natural progression, combining the founders’ creative skill sets with their altruistic drive that stemmed from their original project “Live Learn Evolve“, a media platform that inspires individuals to expand and explore their minds through self-development and thought provoking material.

Humantico is the next stepping stone, fusing innovative ideas and creative experience to actively build and develop businesses that make progressive change in the world.

Meet the Founders

Owen Fisher

Sam Austin

What we’re listening to

We let our work do the talking